Terms & Conditions

The Noosa Surf Film Festival is open to films of all lengths and all genres that feature surf culture. We also warmly welcome all accepted filmmakers to attend. Films previously submitted to NSFF are not eligible for re-submission.
Please ensure you have filled out all sections of the entry form. If your film is selected. The synopsis you provide will be used in our promotional material.


Providing us with a high resolution screener copy is preferable, if you are sending us some kind of physical screener (Bluray or USB key) we ask for 2 error-free Discs or Drives for viewing by the selection committee. When received these will be quickly captured and quality checked. Due to the volume of submissions if both copies are found to be faulty the film submission will automatically be rejected.
Unless you possess a DCP copy of your film we will consider your screening copy to be the Exhibition version of the film (therefore High Definition delivery via Blu-Ray, USB Thumb Drive, vimeo download etc is preferable). For this reason Screener Films should NOT have burnt-in time-code or watermark titles (excluding subtitles).
We love Vimeo, hopefully you do too – if you opt to send us a link to your film on vimeo please make sure the download option is activated on Vimeo upon acceptance.


Out of fairness to other filmmakers NSFF only accepts films which are works in progress during our Extended deadlines and do so only with prior permission from NSFF. We require that what is presented is a final edit with only colour grading, the credits or a final sound mix left undone as film duration is a major deciding factor. Again we stress that all filmmakers considering submitting a rough cut contact the festival directly first for prior approval.


We are happy to accept Direct Downloads, Films on Portable Hard Drives, USB Drives and HD versions of your film on Vimeo.
The filmmaker is responsible for any transfers necessary to ensure their film is in one of the preferred formats.
DO NOT place colour bars, ID slates or long periods of black at the head (or tail) of films.
Feature length films and Australian Premieres may be accepted for late submission after entries have closed subject to the number of entries already received and NSFF’s programming needs.

For further queries regarding screener and/or exhibition formats email: submit@noosasurffilmfestival.com.au
All efforts will be made to notify filmmakers by email of entry status by Sept 1st 2017.
While all entries are handled with care, NSFF is not responsible for any loss or damage.


Selected Filmmakers will receive 2 tickets for their films screening if their film is part of a mixed session. Further tickets for filmmakers whose films are screening singularly or with one other film or are premieres will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
NSFF does not pay the filmmakers. Our resources are invested in creating and promoting the optimum platform for your work.

More information is available at www.noosasurffilmfestival.com.au or if you have any specific queries about entry or terms and conditions please email us at submit@noosasurffilmfestival.com.au